Dear Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto & Associates, I have always enjoyed coming to your office. In all honesty, I fear the dentist and become nauseous at the hospital but I have always looked forward to seeing you, my eye doctor. My enjoyment stems not only from the fact that the examinations are painless, (although this factor does contribute to my happiness while I visit), but to the atmosphere of the practice I feel from the beginning to end. The second I step into your building, it is clear to me that this new world is somehow different from the world I just left. People are smiling. Honesty and sincerity are valued. Walls are covered with philosophical ideas that promote goodness in human beings. Books about angels and "random acts of kindness" lay eagerly on tabletops, hoping to touch the soul of some person who is curious enough to pick them up. Warmth is spread throughout. In the chaotic Los Angeles atmosphere, it is extremely rare to see people who are so in tune to the beautiful and truly important things in life. You have not only noticed these things, but you have managed to build a practice with these qualities as a fundamental basis. I thank you for being so generous in sharing your beauty with your patients.


I'm a 29 year old with old lady vision. But, thanks for Dr. Fujimoto and Associates, I can see clearly! If it wasn't for them, I'd definitely would have been squinting my way through school and work. Dr. Fujimoto has been my eye doctor forever (I think I started going there when I was in elementary school). This optometry is the first and only optometry that I would go to. The WHOLE ENTIRE staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and really care about their patients. (Dr. Fujimoto doesn't mess around when she hires new staff.) Know you will be taken care of very well when you go in. I would definitely recommend this optometry office. I don't think that Dr. Fujimoto is accepting any more patients, but I'd feel safe putting my eyes in the hands of the other doctors, whom I've had the chance to meet and would occasionally be seen by them if my schedule does not fit with Dr. Fujimoto's. If you don't have vision coverage already - get VSP, it helps: http://vsp.careington.com


Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Mallari and Ernest today. They were both extremely professional, informative and helpful. Dr. Mallari was very informative and explained everything that she was doing and also educates her patients on eye health. The staff at Cerritos 2020 Optometry were great and make you feel comfortable. Thank you Cerritos 2020 Optometry :)


This practice is the most advanced in technology I have ever known. Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto and the doctors she employs are leading experts in their field. The eye exams are approximately 1 hour. Incredible, especially if you have been to other doctors that take 10 minutes and use the most archaic BLOW MACHINE to measure eye pressure. I've had relatives come from a foreign country just to see her and she was the first to discover my grandmother had diabetes by examining her eyes! I've challenged my friends and family to try her out by offering to pay for the office visit if they don't like it. I've never had to pay a dime. The best ever!!!


I have been a patient of Dr. Fujimoto since 1996 and have always enjoyed going to see her. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet. Yes, she is a busy woman and getting an appointment may be difficult because many of her patients are so devoted to her that no one ever cancels their appointments. Even if you don't see Dr. Fujimoto herself, all of the other doctors there also very knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend this office--everyone is committed to high quality care and you will receive the most comprehensive eye exam around.


This is an overdue note to thank you for all the great care that you've been giving my family, relatives and friends. I just want you to know that everyone who has seen you for an exam has been very satisfied with the eyecare they received. I feel very comfortable referring them to you. I respect and admire the professional and person that you are. I really hope that someday I'll be able to influence others' lives as positively as you do so well. I know you've helped me immensely! Thank you very much for all that you've done for me and those I care for!


I am a patient of Dr. Fujimoto and I am always impressed at how thorough the eye examinations are. Dr. Fujimoto's special area of interest is diabetes and she takes extra time to help you understand what problems are specific to diabetics and how to best take care of yourself. Dr. Fujimoto's staff and associate doctors are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend this practice to anyone, especially those with diabetes.


As far as I'm concerned, I couldn't have chosen a better optometrist or nicer person. It's true, her time in the office is now more limited due to the value she places on her family and other professional commitments that are part of her life. It is just these qualities that make her the outstanding professional that she is. For those that see the other doctors in the office, I believe that you will receive extremely thorough care as well since I believe that Dr. Fujimoto would only hire doctors who share the same professional, work ethic and commitment to care that she does. Her office staff is a great example of this, they're always very pleasant both on the phone and in person and extremely helpful. I pay (for a premium vision care plan - VSP) and belong to a PPO healthcare plan because I insist on choosing the best for my healthcare professionals.


My first appointment here was so different from any optometry office I'd ever been to. The staff doesn't make you feel like they're trying to cram you in and rush you out so they could get on with the next patient --- their focus is on you and your health and well-being. DR. FERNANDO IS THE BEST!! She really took the time to explain everything and made sure that I had her full attention. Now, 7+ years later, my family and I are still patients of Dr. Fernando. My son started seeing her when he was in kindergarten (she's GREAT with kids) --- well, he's almost 13 now and he still adores her. I've recommended several friends and co-workers and they all rave about how wonderful she is and how differently they were treated at this office. I haven't had an appointment yet with Dr. Mallari but she always has a welcoming smile when I've seen her at the office. If you're looking for a new optometry office, you should definitely give Cerritos 20/20 a try!


Customer service is phenomenal and Dr. Fernando-Langit is the best optometrist I have ever had in my life


I love this optometry office! I've been coming here ever since I was a kid. My entire family comes here because of their amazing service and awesome staff members! I would drive 30+ miles to make sure that I continue my service here. Both Dr. Fernando and Dr. Mallari are amazing! They are super friendly, very professional and knowledgable, and they truly show compassion for their patients. I feel like I'm part of their family.


Doctor Mallari is the best she's always very kind and helps you through your eye exam to understand everything from changes to your eye if any changes happened from previous years. I have been taking my children to this office for some years and she's a great doctor. Doctor Mallari and the staff have exceptional service you can't really go wrong if you decide to go to optometrist doctor Mallari and doctor Fernando are the best. Thank you for your exceptional service.


Very welcoming, friendly and amazing staff! They answered all my questions over the phone before my appointment, which was very helpful. There was no wait and their services were prompt.The Optometrist, Dr. Sharon Mallari, is very sweet and her service was outstanding.I am also looking to get glasses, which Maggie, one the assistants, was able to help me with. And I was also happy that they have CRT/Ortho-K contact lenses.I would highly recommend this optometry to everyone in need of one. :)


Had a great visit with Dr. Mallari. First eye doctor I've seen in over 10 years. She is friendly and very knowledgeable. The office staff is very inviting and helpful. My entire family has been to this offince now and we would not trust any other group with our eyes.


I just ordered my second pair of glasses from Dr. Mallari's office. This time I am getting prescription sunglasses for the golf course. They have a nice selection of frames and even accepted my insurance (VSP). The office staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Mallari is friendly and likable. She reviewed my exam results and compared them with previous results to identify any changes. She did not rush through anything and explained everything in simple terms that I could understand. The total appointment time was about an hour.


Hands down! Dr. Mallari is the best EVER!!! I'm always so awkward and scared when it comes to Dr. Appt(s), but she made me feel extremely comfortable and she is genuinely sweet. Dr. Mallari also didn't pressure me to buy new glasses (since I didn't need to), or like other optometrist around town, pressure me to purchase unnecessary add-ons. Come here!!!! You will not be disappointed with the docs!


Our family has been patients of Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto for decades. Her high professional practices is equally balanced by her warm smile and friendly "Aloha Spirit". Dr. Fujimoto relates to all her patients as family members while sincerely caring for their total eye care. Although retired, her legacy and spirit has been passed on to her successors, Dr. Fernando and Dr. Mallari, both whom you will instantly love. Not to be overlooked, the staff there reflects the professionalism at its highest. IMHO, sight is the most important of your five senses. Protect them with the folks at Dr. D. Fujimoto and Associates.


My family and I have been coming here for over 7 years and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Quick, easy, and top-notch service. I highly recommend this business to all my friends and family.


Dr Fernando is an excellent doctor. I have been going to her for a few years now. She takes her time for a thorough exam. In addition, she is warm, caring, and funny. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great doctor.


20/20 is amazing! Customer service is phenomenal and Dr. Fernando-Langit is the best optometrist I have ever had in my life. She's extremely thorough, as I'm sure the other doctors are, and when I leave, it never fails, she has given me more insight about how to take care of my eyes.


Dr. Fernando-Langit has been my eye doctor for over 5 years. I had an eye problem recently and was able to get a same day appointment and a follow-up the next week. She always takes her time and understands my squeamish nature; my eye is much better. I highly recommend Cerritos 2020 with great confidence.


Office staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful! Drs. Fernando & Mallari are very thorough in their exam and are awesome doctors!! I highly recommend Cerritos 2020 Optometry. They also have a wide variety of eyeglasses or sunglasses selection. Love it!!


Dr. Mallari is awesome and holds a special place in my heart. =] You get a whole hour of her time where she will go through a very thorough exam, and will actually discuss what exactly she is looking for and what she sees while you go through the various contraptions. She'll tell you what to look out for, and give little tips on eye health and ways you can keep your vision in tip top shape. Even during that awkward time when you're really trying your hardest to choose between 1 and 2, Dr. Mallari walks you right through and makes the selection easy. That alone deserves 5 stars...no other doctor has done that!


Been coming here for years and the service has always been impeccable and friendly no matter what changes to staff because they have a genuine commitment to quality and customer service.

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I visited Dr. Sharon Mallari for a vision test and new glasses. Dr. Mallari was very personable and put me at ease. The office staff was friendly and didn't keep me waiting to pick out my frames. They accepted my insurance and delivered my glasses right when they promised. I can't imagine a better experience anywhere else.