Dr. Fernando-Langit

Dr. Fernando-Langit is a native of Southern California, born and raised in sunny San Diego. She was fascinated by the field of Optometry at an early age, especially when her optometrist gave her her first pair of glasses - it changed her view of the world! She earned her bachelors of science degree in Psychobiology at UCLA and then received her Doctorate of Optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry, where she graduated with high honors. Her clinical training took place at the West LA VA Medical Center, San Diego Sharpe Hospital, Optometric Center of Los Angeles, and the Eye Care Center of Fullerton. Dr. Fernando-Langit enjoyed her training at the West LA VA Healthcare System so much that she decided to stay and pursue a post-graduate residency in Geriatrics and Hospital-Based Optometry, an additional year of training which involved specialty contact lens fittings, low vision rehabilitation services, and bedside nursing home examinations. Dr. Fernando-Langit is very compassionate and dedicated about her profession that she strives to go the "extra mile" for each and every patient, ensuring that each and everyone receive the quality eye care they deserve. She makes sure of this by educating them on proactive ways of achieving optimal eye health and constantly keeps herself on top of the latest and cutting edge research and technologies in eye care. She enjoys the educational side of optometry as well and has presented a few case study posters at the American Optometry Association Annual Meeting and published an article on eye nutrition in Clinical and Refractive Optometry entitled, "Ocular Manifestations of Vitamin A Deficiency." Dr. Fernando-Langit believes her calling is not only to help people live their lives seeing well but she also loves to help those with poor sight. Those individuals who have poor vision usually are those who have suffered from certain ocular diseases, like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and/or congenital diseases. Dr. Fernando-Langit understands and empathizes with these individuals and tries to help them with challenges that they may experience with simple everyday tasks like reading, driving, and/or watching TV. By providing low vision evaluations for the visually impaired, she is able to recommend appropriate optical aids and adaptive technology for those looking to better overcome their visual challenges. In addition to providing low vision care, Dr. Fernando-Langit provides primary optometric care, medical management of ocular disease, and contact lens fittings. She is certified to fit SynergEyes hybrid lenses, a new lens technology that combines the crisp vision of a hard lens and the comfort of a soft lens. She enjoys giving back to the local community and frequently organizes vision screenings for nearby schools and senior centers and will occasionally give talks on general eye health and vision rehabilitation. She is an active member of the Low Vision Section of the California Optometric Association, Cerritos Chamber of Commerce, and the Cerritos Soroptimist Club. Dr. Fernando-Langit and her husband Dex, a computer whiz, enjoy exploring new places, fishing, reading, landscape photography, and spending quality time with their family, their young daughter and their dog, Bogart (Bogie, for short)).


Dr. Sharon Mallari Bolado is a home town doctor, born and raised right here in our lovely town of Cerritos. She was a patient of Dr. Daryne Fujimoto's clinic since the age of nine years old, which cultivated her desire to pursue the career of Optometry. She received her BA degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, Santa Barbara and continued on to University of California, Berkeley to earn her Doctorate of Optometry, graduating with high honors. She received her clinical training at the Portland VA Medical Center in Oregon, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lion's Vision Clinic in San Diego, and San Diego State University Eye Clinic. She has always strongly believed that in order to excel in anything, you must truly love what you do. There is no doubt that she loves providing quality eye care and eye nutrition education to her patients so they can achieve the best health and vision possible. Her welcoming positive attitude and sincere smile allow her to develop genuine relationships with her patients. She strives to learn the most current developments in the field of optometry, so she can provide the most up to date quality vision care for her patients. She enjoys the challenge of all aspects of contact lens fitting and is certified to provide Orthokeratology (Paragon CRT and iSee/Fargo lenses) services, which is a reversible and alternative method to eyeglasses or refractive surgery through the use of overnight contact lens wear. She also provides Dry Eye Evaluations to pinpoint the exact cause of your dry eye symptoms in order to recommend the best method of treatment. In addition, Dr. Mallari practices primary eye care and ocular disease detection at our clinic and is certified to evaluate and treat Glaucoma. Dr. Mallari has served as president for BSK International Optometric Honor Society, at UC Berkeley. She is currently a member of the California and American Optometric Associations. Within our city, she is a member of the Optimist Club of Cerritos and Cerritos Chamber of Commerce. Being a Cerritos native, Dr. Mallari feels extremely honored to be serving her community. She enjoys being immersed in the city she grew up in by doing school vision screenings and educational talks throughout

Cerritos and other neighboring cities. She often does career talks regarding the field of Optometry in order to share the joy and importance of her profession and eyes to our youth. When she's not in the office, Dr. Mallari and her husband, Ernest. enjoy surfing, yoga, snowboarding, skateboarding, traveling, hiking, music festivals, art, and going on adventures with their sweet dog, Eevee.


Dr. Darlyne Fujimoto is currently retired and is enjoying quality time with her husband, Terry, and their family in Hawaii. She continues to be supportive of Cerritos 2020 Optometry. In a (coco)nutshell: She was born in Hilo, Hawaii and raised in the tiny village of Phoa populated by kind and loving people who infused her with the spirit of Aloha. Her childhood was idyllic, but it was not an easy life. She worked hard at school, home and her grandparents' bakery hard work was not punishment, but valued, expected and not open to bargaining or discussion. By their own lives, her parents and grandparents taught her the values of honesty, family life, respecting others, loyalty, and self-discipline. She feels that she was born to be an optometrist, and for the last 25 years, she has been serving the Cerritos, California community and surrounding cities with Aloha. These days, her patients also come to see her from Hawaii, across the country and from a number of foreign countries (Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Dubai, India, Africa, Brazil and Indonesia). Her returning and referred patients keep her busy and inspired. She is deeply in love with her patients and her profession and considers it a privilege, joy and grace to be of service to others. She defines a successful doctor as one "who delivers excellent care not only with the mind and body, but especially with the heart and soul" and she strives to be that doctor with every patient. Such a humanistic, caring approach takes time, empathy and understanding and has forged incredible, lasting friendships between her and her patients. "People come first... I want my patients to live their lives seeing well, she says. "I don't want them missing out on any of life's beauties and joys, whether it be nature's wonders, sports, a good book or website. I'm not in it for the money I am doing what I love," she says. In spite of an ever-growing demand for her services, she refuses to overcrowd her schedule. She has never been tempted to double up her schedule (which would double her income), as doing so would shortchange her patients. Instead, she has sought out and employs excellent associate doctors who, sharing her ideals, work alongside and collaborate with her. She also tangibly expresses her devotion to her patients by providing them with the newest and the best in eyecare technology, knowing that doing so can avert much pain and suffering by detecting and nipping problems in the bud. She laughingly speculates that she may well be the least compensated doctor around, as she keeps plowing her assets back into the practice. Lest you feel a twinge of sympathy, know that she is a believer of storing up one's treasures in heaven. Her patients are very knowledgeable as she constantly updates them on the latest developments in eye care, contact lenses, nutrition and eye health, the effects of stress on eye health, and computer-related vision problems (Computer Vision Syndrome). Although quiet by nature, she'll talk up a storm if she believes you will benefit from knowing more about your eyes. Grateful for the loyalty and support of her patients and community, she enthusiastically gives back by giving talks on eye health, eyes and computers, nutrition for eye health, and VSP insurance availability to the uninsured to community organizations, local schools, churches, health care professionals, Cerritos College, senior citizen centers, and Scout troops. She believes in empowering people with knowledge so they may know how to protect, preserve and enjoy their most precious sense,SIGHT! If you would like her to speak to your group or organization, call the office at 562/860-1339. Prone to overwork, Dr. Fujimoto strives to live a balanced and consciously prioritized life. She is a voracious reader writes for fun is an almost daily communicant and loves wide, open spaces where she indulges her joys of mountain biking and taking long walks with her husband and Shelties. She describes her husband as the nicest, most supportive guy on earth. They share the ups and downs of life with their family, immediate and extended, and cherished friends and neighbors. They are presently experiencing the unadulterated joy of being "G-Ma" and "G-Pa" to their g-kids, Austin Kai (6) and Makena Grace (4). In view of the evidence of God's purpose being clearly woven into her life, she is content to leave any future plans in the hands of the Master Planner, while trusting in Providence and Grace. Always with an eye to the future, she speculates that she will devote her golden years to teaching, studying theology, rescuing dogs, and continuing to fulfill the Scout promise of "Leave a place better than you found it." As a baby boomer, she thinks she's still in her silver years and as long as she is able and enjoys her work, she plans to continue empathically caring for her patients.

Dr. Mathew Khamis

Dr. Mathew Khamis is very familiar with the So-Cal area, born and raised in the nearby city of Fullerton. He was introduced to the field of Optometry at a young age when he received his first pair of glasses. He couldn't believe the level of detail that his vision was missing without correction! After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Biology at UCLA, he went on to earn his Doctorate of Optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry. He completed clinical training at various sites, including the Bakersfield VA Clinic, University Eye Care Center in both Los Angeles and Fullerton, and various private practices in Orange County. Dr. Khamis also had the unique experience of fitting contact lenses for several professional baseball teams, getting them to see even better than 20/20! Dr. Khamis cherishes his career in Optometry as it allows him to build a strong relationship with his patients. He prides himself on his sense of humor, which earned him the coveted "Class Clown" award in Optometry school. But don't let his easy-going demeanor fool you, as he also possesses top notch clinical skills to get you and your family seeing the world as it should be seen. Dr. Khamis practices primary eye care with certification to treat various eye conditions such as dry eye disease and glaucoma.